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Thread: 'chillwave continuum'?

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    Thank you for this. I didn't know these older Lopatin releases and they're indeed good. The Skyramps album is a really nice one. (In case others would be curious: someone released a free fan-compilation on Bandcamp, containing many tracks from the tapes you mention.)
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    i got discouraged logged out and deleted a bunch of this kind of music from my laptop
    i'm very inconsistent.

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    this music all sounds the fucking same, that's the reason there's practically no discussion about it. most of it does not deserve to be championed.
    one of my friends came up with the concept, or maybe just said the words and i conceptualised it, "the hypnagogic illusion".
    she pinned it to a fascination with the past but i feel it has more to do with a reticence to either meaningfully engage with the past beyond fascination or creatively imagine a future worth living in. it's "the music of the now age" (fortune 500 compilation series), it's the neoliberal directive to "live in the now". the flattening of all things into the present (yadda yadda yadda)
    [things i kept:
    oneohtrix (including astronaut and infinity window but by no means completionist)
    bee mask (his major records and not his Miscellaneous Tapes And CD-R's)
    emeralds (not their side or solo projects, together they were greater than the sum of their parts)
    hype williams
    jeff witscher (various marble sky and secret abuse records and one abelar scout record)
    liz harris
    sam mehran (his long-form stuff, not huge on the outer limits recordings stuff)
    skaters (shit-load of it but, again, by no means completionist)
    yellow swans (at all ends; being there; bring the neon war home; deterioration; drowner; going places; psychic secession)]

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    in retrospect, vaporwave and what i guess we're now calling "deconstructed club" was probably an implicit backlash to the worst aspects of all of this stuff. the incestuousness/conflicts of interest/gladhanding of 'scenes' making it impossible to break in. how much packaging and artificial scarcity influenced the discussion of these records. the whiteness and being able to do this stuff in the first place being contingent on white comfort
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    That's true. The whole artificial value creation (either via self-induced scarceness or through 'unique' collaborations, etc) is too transparent and tiresome. When I got interested, things already moved towards over-production and free/name-your-price politics. It has the disadvantage of being more of a chore to sift through, but now and then you come across interesting stuff. Often with a humorous twist, which is something too often missed in oh-so serious electronic music. I still occasionally listen to the faux-eighties stuff of Luxury Elite. She made some hilarious tracks.

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    vaporwave ironically became what eccojams skeleton ndl and internet club records were commenting on in the first place
    can't say, in hindsight, that it's surprising
    luxury elite is great ( : really fun to talk to
    so is scott michael and the other og's of this thing (+ affiliated pages)
    but i haven't talked to anybody from that end since i quit facebook
    i've been wondering how real any of it was lately
    deckard falls in love with a replicant 2.jpg

    i don't really think i was/am old enough to see the *immediate* humor in vaporwave, only in a sideways/retrospective way
    i would instead try to get myself into the emotional space conjured by the curation of the samples (or use of presets) and appreciate how it was transformed
    good example of it being done with samples
    good example of it being done with both original material and screws

    the closing track has transported me many a time, included it in this mix

    18 carat affair was maybe something of a transitional artist. there's definitely a sadsack minimal synth meets home recorded funk aspect but it's mixed in the soup w these screws/sample gunks/disco slow edits. big influence on luxury elite and that whole living room visions stable

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