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Thread: Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020

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    Default Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020

    A mix of older and new sounds: mostly techno, breaks and dubstep.

    Ghost - The Spooks
    Terror Danjah - Spanish Fly
    Nude - Inspiration
    Ilana Bryne - Dub Box Medicine
    DJ Skurge - Electrocuter
    Acen - Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix)
    Detboi - Groovedigger
    Cristian Vogel - Lucky Connor
    LSDXOXO - Rockstar69
    Jammin - Kinda Funky (Wookie Remix)
    Anthony Shake Shakir - Frictionalism
    Dan Curtin - ????
    Oris Jay - Trippin (Nu Mix)
    Kelela Vs. Steve Gurley (Bok Bok Refix)
    Spooky - Together 2k16
    J-Sweet - Gutter
    Shackleton - Headcleaner
    Beta Librae - Red Herring
    Scratchclart - Dumpling Riddim (Feat LV)
    Teakup - Darkcore 2020
    Toastyboy - Full Clip
    Geeneus - Amazon
    Roxy - Breakbeat Science
    Swisha - Reconstructed Club
    Mnemonic Deejay - Control Mission (Massive Mix)
    False Witness - In The Dark
    LSDXOXO - Codename Cottonmouth
    Teakup - Pulse
    Blawan - Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage
    Narcotic Syntax - Muff Diver
    Higher Intelligence Agency - Ketamine Entity
    El-B - Amazon
    Plasticman - Shallow Grave (L-Vis Refix)
    4E - Mind Frame
    Teakup - Pulse
    Si Begg - ???
    Ilana Bryne - Mmm Mmm Mmm (Ciel Remix)
    Ciel - Hundred Flowers Groove
    DJ Abstract - Touch
    Liquid City Motors - Intrinsix
    Max Holiday - Latin Intellekt
    Jasmine Infiniti - What I Need
    Beta Librae - Cosmic Machines

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    Quote Originally Posted by version View Post
    I don't think this tune will ever age.
    I wish I could find anything else by DJ Abstract that sounded like this..

    Here's another mix I made late last week:

    It's mostly grime and bits of electro and dubstep.

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    This is sort of turning into a weekly mix series, or nearly every week.

    I missed dubstep and there are new ways of getting into mixed into other genres with some of the newer beats out there.

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    I've got another one, this one is a mix of footwork, jungle and hard techno with some grime and IDM!

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    This is a slightly slower mix of rave focused techno, breaks, dubstep and various club strains..

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    oi add me on twitter m8.
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