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Thread: Dark Mountain / Deep Adaptation

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    Default Dark Mountain / Deep Adaptation

    More proactive but much less optimistic approaches to climate change AKA "environmental degradation"

    * Apparently the Deep Adaption paper has been triggering folks who will only take stuff seriously if it's presented in academic style (I've not felt the urge to tip myself into depression by actually reading it tho tbh)

    * The dark mountain lot have been knocking about for some time, and I think make some excellent and worthwhile points, though it all seems fairly literary/cultural rather than straight up political, and is less confrontational with the establishment than withdrawing to the hills in futility

    What bothers me is that there will be right-ist lurkers - this all overlaps too much with unabomber style survivalism for that not to be the case - its a worryingly great opportunity for right-left convergence at the extreme ends of the movements which tbh the greens have always been prone to

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    Yeah, Ive been through all of this stuff over the last couple of years. The longer we go without radical action, the more likely it is that they are right

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