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    "A tree is a wondrous thing that shelters, feeds, and protects all living things. It even offers shade to the axmen who destroy it.”

    “We’ve learned a little about a few of them, in isolation. But nothing is less isolated or more social than a tree.”

    “For there is hope of a tree, if it goes down, that it will sprout again, and that its tender branches will not cease. Though the root grows old in the earth, and the stock dies in the ground, at the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs. But man, man wastes away and dies and gives up the ghost, and where is he?”


    Plants talk to each other using an internet of fungus -

    As a result of this growing body of evidence, many biologists have started using the term "wood wide web" to describe the communications services that fungi provide to plants and other organisms.

    "These fungal networks make communication between plants, including those of different species, faster, and more effective," says Morris. "We don't think about it because we can usually only see what is above ground. But most of the plants you can see are connected below ground, not directly through their roots but via their mycelial connections."

    The fungal internet exemplifies one of the great lessons of ecology: seemingly separate organisms are often connected, and may depend on each other. "Ecologists have known for some time that organisms are more interconnected and interdependent," says Boddy. The wood wide web seems to be a crucial part of how these connections form.



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    "In a Country Once Forested", by Wendell Berry

    The young woodland

    remembers the old, a dreamer


    of an old holy book,

    an old set of instructions,

    and the soil under the grass

    is dreaming of a young forest,

    and under the pavement the

    soil is dreaming of grass.

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    130,000 trees to be planted in English cities and towns -

    More than 130,000 trees are to be planted in English towns and cities over the next two years as part of the nation’s battle against global heating.

    The environment secretary, Michael Gove, will announce on Sunday that grants for the plantings will be made available through the Urban Tree Challenge Fund.

    The scheme, which will be administered by the Forestry Commission, will be open to individuals, local authorities, charities and NGOs. Grants will be given to pay for the planting of trees and for the first three years of their care in order to ensure they flourish.

    “This will allow us to plant more trees much closer to where people live and work and where the benefits of trees make the most difference,” said the Forestry Commission chair Sir Harry Studholme.
    Trees play a crucial role in the fight against global heating – caused by burning fossil fuels that release carbon dioxide – because they store carbon. Trees in cities and towns also absorb noise, reduce flood risk, provide shade in summer and are associated with general good health and wellbeing.

    “We need trees lining our streets, not only to green and shade them but to ensure we remain connected to the wonders of the natural world, which is why we must go further and faster to increase planting rates,” added Gove.

    A grant for planting a tree will be delivered as a challenge fund, which means that it will require matched funding from those who apply. The scheme will support projects which are considered to be most likely to provide the greatest environmental and social benefits.

    A map will be available to check eligibility before applying.“We need to be planting many more trees over the next 25 years,” said Paul Nolan, chair of England’s Community Forests. “So we welcome this new investment.”

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