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Thread: "yearning for the algorithmic"

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    Quote Originally Posted by muser View Post
    And yes theyd be an example, I'd go so far as to argue that any music made by humans has a degree of chaos as every decision we make, live or not, is effected by a plethora of inputs and as such creates intrinsically chaotic outputs.
    so what? what's the significance for listeners/artists of chaos always being present? (if you think there is any)
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    Eno's a great thinker in my book ..

    I came to this when researching how to use the Scripter plugin for random MIDI effects in Logic, but I'm also into hisi concept of scenius, kind of a collective unconscious thing, maybe related to the continuum, how things rarely come out of the blue, there's always an zeitgeist or influence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvuent View Post
    so what? what's the significance for listeners/artists of chaos always being present? (if you think there is any)
    I dont know if I do. I'm kind of arguing with myself to be honest. My theory I guess is music is more enjoyable with some degree of chaos in it and that chaos works at many different levels. I wasn't really thinking about it this way but with regards to this thread, perhaps at the higher functioning level of decision making, chaos being a desirable quality could be a reason why purely algorithmic music will never be as good as human made, its more random than chaotic.

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    I would say Chaos is desirable because reality/nature is extremely chaotic, billions upon billions of things bouncing off each other reacting and moving around on every level, extremely complex but conforming to laws and somewhat understandable. Its chaos in the mathematical sense and I think music that can reflect that is exciting.

    I think algorhythmic music has more potential for this chaos precisely because it is not (necessarily) random. Everything is happening for a reason which has been determined by the laws programmed in and the input given. Some (perhaps all) of the musical decisions have been farmed out to computer processes much as sequencers farmed out the actual playing of an instrument to circuit boards.

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