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Thread: Do you visualise when listening to music

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    Default Do you visualise when listening to music

    What do you see?

    There's a thin membrane of visualisation that music journalists try to make substantive, as substantive as the sounds themselves. Perhaps this is the thicket of dancing architects that they get themselves into.

    But it is there, I do visualise things. I was listening to a Nookie tune before and I visualised a blue sky over the blue sky I could see. An ideal, sentimental sky, the belief in a better somewhere we're gifted/cursed with.

    Obviously reading about William Blake tee'd me up for this but really it just made me notice something I always see. The way music provokes and shapes the imagination.

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    No. Aphantasia... but the Imagination is synaesthetic structurally. It bleeds over all registers.

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    Basically, yes. More from my surroundings.

    It wasn't until I moved near Wolverhampton that it clicked a bit more where the Metalheadz sound comes from, as much as I always loved the R. I almost preferred living in that other city nearby. The one that looks like a UFO has crashlanded in the center. My sound has had to change slightly with the different coloured soil. Towards Coventry you have the lush green Warwickshire grass and blue skies perfect for some FBD Project. It's why I always love heading south too. Things sound a lot different depending on location.

    I have the same quandry tonight. Listening to Veruschka by Morricone. The only copy of the film that exists is without subtitles. So I have the choice of watching it with a glum looking 1960s supermodel or closing my eyes and dreaming.
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