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    Default Don't touch me

    Don't try and do what I do. We know certain people tried to write poems and it's not allowed. We know the difference. I invented it. You know I know. Back off. Stay in your lane it's not that. I invented the modern world. I made it. I Will come to your mums house. I am tolerant, very , but there is a limit.

    Take my ideas and run with it. Take drugs. Lie in the grass. But don't step on my toes. I will literally appear at your mums house. Standing right there. You won't like it. I don't play by your rules. I'm not part of your world. Please. Leave me Alone. There is only one me. I do it better and I did it first.

    No one can say I'm not nice or generous. I have never hoarded one single idea or piece of knowledge. I've shared everything at the point of knowing. On principle. Never used knowing for financial gain or status. Never been published. Never played those games.

    We all know. If you try and be me I will be at your mums. Leave me alone.

    Leave me alone. Don't touch me.

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    Pah, I bet I could write a great poem about Central Asia. Let's see:

    Come to Central Asia,
    the mountains'll amaze ya,
    the sun's like a laser,
    but don't let it phase ya.

    See? And that's just off the top of my head. I could go on.
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