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    it's long been fashionable to complain about iTunes but I'll miss it to a degree, hopefully the replacement Music app will retain features and functionality. I don't really care about iTunes as a music storage program but would really miss the download store, if that goes away (considering the growth of streaming, it probably will eventually, if not now). Say what you will about feeding the evil empire of Apple but the iTune store has a stunningly enormous selection of obscure tracks and albums, many not available via Bandcamp or other services. or you can always go to discogs and buy the rare vinyl for $$$...

    I get the sense I'm one of the few people here who still cares about owning music, the concept of streaming seems great but rubs me the wrong way. I don't like how they pay artists royalties or the potential to be without any music if the service is down, my wifi gets fucked, etc. plus it feels like being held hostage, who's to say a service won't decide one day to jack up subscription prices or reduce service.

    I also get the sense that a lot of people here don't buy music at all, just live off youtube and maybe Spotify. I'm an old fucker, obvs.
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