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Thread: Mindfulness (/as capitalist nonsense)

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    Tolstoy was a great list keeper

    He made lists of things he'd do to improve himself and then systematically fail to follow it

    It made me happy when I read this

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    As an aside, here's a list Tolstoy done of books he found either Enormous/very great or greatly influential on him...


    Childhood to the age of 14 or so

    The story of Joseph from the Bible - Enormous

    Tales from The Thousand and One Nights: the 40 Thieves, Prince Qam-al-Zaman - Great

    The Little Black Hen by Pogorelsky - V. great

    Russian byliny: Dobrynya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets, Alyosha Popovich. Folk Tales - Enormous

    Puskin’s poems: Napoleon - Great

    Age 14 to 20

    Matthew’s Gospel: Sermon on the Mount - Enormous

    Sterne’s Sentimental Journey - V. great

    Rousseau Confessions - Enormous

    Emile - Enormous

    Nouvelle Héloise - V. great

    Pushkin’s Yevgeny Onegin - V. great

    Schiller’s Die Räuber - V. great

    Gogol’s Overcoat, The Two Ivans, Nevsky Prospect - Great

    "Viy" [a story by Gogol] - Enormous

    Dead Souls - V. great

    Turgenev’s A Sportsman’s Sketches - V. great

    Druzhinin’s Polinka Sachs - V. great

    Grigorovich’s The Hapless Anton - V. great

    Dickens’ David Copperfield - Enormous

    Lermontov’s A Hero for our Time, Taman - V. great

    Prescott’s Conquest of Mexico - Great

    Age 20 to 35

    Goethe. Hermann and Dorothea - V. great

    Victor Hugo. Notre Dame de Paris - V. great

    Tyutchev’s poems - Great

    Koltsov’s poems - Great

    The Odyssey and The Iliad (read in Russian) - Great

    Fet’s poems - Great

    Plato’s Phaedo and Symposium (in Cousin’s translation) - Great

    Age 35 to 50

    The Odyssey and The Iliad (in Greek) - V. great

    The byliny - V. great

    Victor Hugo. Les Misérables - Enormous

    Xenophon’s Anabasis - V. great

    Mrs. [Henry] Wood. Novels - Great

    George Eliot. Novels - Great

    Trollope, Novels - Great

    Age 50 to 63

    All the Gospels in Greek - Enormous

    Book of Genesis (in Hebrew) - V. great

    Henry George. Progress and Poverty - V. great

    [Theodore] Parker. Discourse on religious subject - Great

    [Frederick William] Robertson’s sermons - Great

    Feuerbach (I forget the title; work on Christianity) [“The Essence of Christianity”] - Great

    Pascal’s Pensées - Enormous

    Epictetus - Enormous

    Confucius and Mencius - V. great

    On the Buddha. Well-known Frenchman (I forget) [“Lalita Vistara”] - Enormous

    Lao-Tzu. Julien [S. Julien, French translator] - Enormous

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corpsey View Post
    That post

    I can't concentrate on it too much because it makes me feel queasy and weary
    the job interview thread does this for me

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