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Thread: Club Music in 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdform View Post
    people just tend to take a darbuka loop in 'experimental/deconstructed club' (i hate those terms) and work with that. i must say the results to me don't sound too satisfying.
    Yes, that seems generally to be the wrong approach.

    This guy Mohammed Reza guy that Hardwax occasionally promotes is great :

    But sampling/chopping/whatever and sequencing it together with all forms of electronics du jour would be sacrilege to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdform View Post
    2010s are the decade which signify the death of radio 1 type jo wiley music on a large scale. But none of us being very qualified in this area (maybe with the exception of Woops) we can't do its autopsy.
    i'm not the man for this job either 'cos i'd packed in listening to that stuff more 2000 than 2010. you can still hear this kind of thing on 6 music. as i've tried to make clear on my 100 tunes thread, indie music failed to make its great leap forwartd about 2000 and turned into either 20 minute jam sessions or business as usual folk stuff. in the 0ies john peel was dead and the 'interesting' radio 1 dj was mary anne hobbs, who eventually went dubstep, and as i've said before, when i first read the term "dubstep" (probably on this forum) i just thought, oh god, i'm going to wait for this to blow over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chava View Post
    You're probably onto something, but honestly I think techno (or broader: electronic dance music) is a subset of sequencer logic, and still should submit and explore that. It is not devoid of possibilities especially if you use the acousmatic part as well in the sequencing (as in dub delays). As you write emulating advanced percussion you will probably get lost in the editing process as well. But ok I'm not of the 'nuum tradition...

    The Ndagga stuff works for me because these are just blinding musicians and Mark Ernestus is a genius mixing the stuff. It is worth checking out live as well btw. I don't think you can or should 'compete' with that by doing midi-edits. It just ends up being to constructed for my liking.

    If you just the bassdrum as an anchor (Surgeons term) and then let things flow around it, I think you can get the 'live' / organic feel as well. It is also somewhat a rationalization for myself not being able to do complicated stuff. I always been intimated by musicians, as it is obviously an inborn talent which I do not have. I did start fiddling around the last couple of years however and put up some loops and things on SC last year; here's one example (sorry for spam):
    nice music you got on your soundcloud! would fit very good on a label like delsin i think

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