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Thread: Serial Killers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corpsey View Post
    It is a strange and grisly phenomenon (the celebrification thing I mean) - Ted Bundy is one of the most startling examples of that because he looked like he could have been a celebrity of some sort anyway.

    The ones who become cult figures have a certain sort of televisual look or charisma to them - Manson, e.g.

    And then there's others who become infamous because their crimes are so extreme e.g. Dahmer.

    Honestly I have been way too into reading about these guys over the years and I try not to anymore because it can really scar you. The killers are fascinating somehow, just so outside of the norm of human behaviour, but the suffering of their victims is really impossible to process.
    I can imagine something along the lines of the Daily Mash:

    "Maverick industrial-noise group honestly not all that bothered about serial killers."
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    A bloke who claimed to have lived in the same apartment building and hung out with Dahmer did an AMA on Reddit. Talk about dodging a bullet.

    By request: I knew Jeffrey Dahmer. -

    My step son just busted into the TV room and told me that I had to do this.

    It's become kind of a novelty amongst my friends and family but for a short time in the 1990s I lived in the same apartment building as Jeffery Dahmer and I even drank a beer with him once.
    The thing I remember most clearly about him was his hatred of women. I had been explaining my situation with my ex wife and he cut me off and said women were good for nothing.
    My apartment was few away from his on the opposite side of the hall. Besides the occasional an occasional humming which we later found out was an electric saw being used for god knows what he stayed pretty quiet.

    One time specifically, after a late shift, I saw a younger looking guy entering his apartment with him. They both looked extremely drunk but it wasn't that strange at the time.
    We were in my apartment. I had been walking toward my apartment with a bag of groceries in one hand and a 6 pack in the other. The plastic holder broke by his door and the beers all fell. He came right out and helped me grab them. To thank him and to be friendly I invited him over to listen to the ball game on the radio and have a few.
    I started smelling "something" later on in my stay at the apartment building. As time went on I was working some pretty long shifts so my apartment was basically just a place to sleep.

    The smell definitely became an issue as it got to be summer. It could only be described as a mixture of rotting meat and body odor. Honestly, the whole place was a shit hole so I wasn't surprised it started to stink but I was plenty happy when I got out of there.

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