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Thread: Is a counterculture still possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chava View Post
    Of course the Left won culturally, so it's correct that 4chan trolls is what left of counterculture.

    Music or art wise, always, always rely on a day job. This the safest way to 'counter' something, put your work out of the product loop. Although how to be a part of a defined counterculture is another matter.
    I mean I just find this hard to believe because after WW II the left became more and more capitalist, not less. so in that sense yeah they won. but then they won on the terms of the libertarian right (which is by no means socially conservative) paul staines talking about his acid house parties being Thatcher on drugs...
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    I respect islamists

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    Spiral Tribe = Cultural Parasites

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    To go back to the opening question for a moment - what about the Arab Spring? Large scale movements for social reform, explicitly political - actual rebellion rather than the symbolic trappings of the same that characterise Western youth cultures, driven by new technology. Young people absolutely in the front line. I don't know enough about it in its entirety but I think it's an interesting comparison.

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