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    romanticizing being on the dole as a noble stand against capitalism?

    I have never encountered anybody doing that. In fact, all I ever hear when there's some talk regarding unemployment it's demonization of the actual people being unemployed. I give you that, Tea, this is coming from all sorts of people, working and middle class.

    As to who is most responsible for the fetishizing of work, john eden rightly idenitified the Protestant work ethics. It's kinda interesting that Catholicism always saw work as something undesirable and wealth as being something which actually gets you closer to damnation. Calvinism of course changed these views completely.

    One also has to say tho that Socialists probably fetishized work even more than the Calvinists.

    In Ancient Greek and Rome work was the sign of being UNfree and utterly undesirable - work was being done by slaves or people of the lower social ranks. Today's elites still pay hommage to this way of organising societies.
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