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I only ever hear from britons and americans on how shit their countries are, because that's who i am talking to most of the time on the internet.

Are other countries really so great?
You probably find a similar thing in other countries that have had big empires in the relatively recent past, which is most of Western Europe. Germany forms a special class by itself, of course (though obviously only outright neo-Nazis there consider that part of their history to have been "great" - for the rest it's more about guilt, and a new right-wing reaction to that guilt). Dunno about non-European ex-imperial powers (Japan and Turkey). I read an interesting thing the other day about a psychological similarity between Russians and Brits (especially the English), linking Empire nostalgia over here with nostalgia for the Soviet heyday over there. Putin clearly appeals to people in similar ways to the Brexit cult, at any rate, never mind the actual connections between the two.