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Thread: Uploading images to Dissensus

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    My plate is currently full with the Dinner of the Day thread. (badum tish rimshot)

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    Quote Originally Posted by yyaldrin View Post
    why would anyone want to buy dissensus? don't get me wrong i love this website but it's just 20-30 regulars and a bunch of visitors isn't it? is that already enough to get money out of it?
    Which makes it the most alive "Oldschool Forum" I know. I have been a member of several forums since the early/mid 2000s and most of them are either already off the net or in a zomby-like state today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john eden View Post
    Leo would get my vote too, but we need Barty in the background as his sidekick I reckon. Be good to demonstrate how Dissensus appeals to an multigenerational audience.
    barty can do his striptease thing in the background whilst Leo drives the hard bargain.

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