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Thread: The speech to song illusion

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    Default The speech to song illusion

    This is wierd and awesome and dissensusy (via boingboing)

    in a nutshell, if i understood right, it seems that speech and song are dealt with differently by the brain, and it's possible to trick yourself to change how a piece of speech is perceived onto the song channel, irreversibly

    In our final demonstration, speech is made to be heard as song, and this is achieved without transforming the sounds in any way, or by adding any musical context, but simply by repeating a phrase several times over. The demonstration is based on a sentence at the beginning of the CD Musical Illusions and Paradoxes. When you listen to this sentence in the usual way, it appears to be spoken normally - as indeed it is. However, when you play the phrase that is embedded in it: 'sometimes behave so strangely' over and over again, a curious thing happens. At some point, instead of appearing to be spoken, the words appear to be sung, rather as in the figure below.
    all very scientific
    try it out

    what implications does that have for e.g. how we hear rap?

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    That Sean Booth quote again.

    yeah music = speech - text. at least roughly - i reckon it's a kind of super-developed version of the pitch and intonation parts of speech (the aural bit that doesn't contain textual info)

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