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Thread: Gaspar Noe - the 'ultimate' Dissensus film-maker

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    Default Gaspar Noe - the 'ultimate' Dissensus film-maker

    Just because:

    1. His films have the olblique 'Wire' and 'Simon Reynolds' reading post MM, post everything 'modernist' urban soundtrack to full effect.

    2. The politics are all neo-radical hard-left post-Lacanian body-without organs Passolini'ist post-queer post post-violence-and-horror-against-the-unjustice-of-heterosexist-society-intellectual deal.

    3. The 'style' of his characters especially in 'Irreversible' appeal to the polymorphically-perverse readership - Bellucci as the Euro-fantasy for the hetero, and Cassel's chic-French-'real' handsomeness for the girls and gays. Both also get their gear off and blend nudically in reasonable amounts of 'sensualist' screentime to be...

    4. Obliterated by graphic sexual violence and racism, totally challenging the core tenets of posters here, but show the dehumanization of the individual in the cross-boudary society ruled buy capitalism.

    5. The film crosses the boundaries of defintions of 'rockist' and 'blissists' and 'industrialist' and 'fascist' and 'modernist' and 'istist'
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    hahaha...brrrrap. arch.

    Irreversible is an amazing film. haven't seen Seul Contre Tous yet but I intend to. Intellectual sleaze innit.

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