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Thread: Todd Edwards

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    Probably a Juvenal with pathetic pretensions to be a Cicero, while actually being a sad Catullus without the talent or connections, but all the vices.

    Martial, basically.

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    Todd the human is an absolute dweeb, that's why.

    The Tri-State Area house scene for all its non-masculine vibes has a bunch of guys as producers who are very masc. and urban whereas Todd is this precious weird white Jesus Freak from suburban New Jersey. This has nothing to do with his music (which I love) but you think about the guys who ran the scene in the early 90s and you think about just how grating the earnestness and preciousness of Todd Edwards is and always has been (which really stands out IN his production) and you realize how he had to be a nightmare to be around in club settings.

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    LoL poor dweeby Todd

    Was missing to myself today (as is my wont) that the UK might have been a more receptive market for Todd cos of ardkore and jungles use of sped up chopped up singing samples. This is probably a point already made in Energy Flash etc...

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