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Thread: Jay Dee/Jay Dilla

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    Recently tried Donuts again for the first time in years.

    So much of it is exhausting and tedious, but he was easily the 'master' of the MPC to a certain extent of schooling as far as beatmaking goes, which is in itself an overrated school of beatmaking but yes.

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    I like donuts sometimes. i was listening to it last night whilst hypnogogic. It reminded me of how I like the retro trend when its not trying to be futurist at all. great ambient record, takes me back to my childhood when radio could be just that bit more eclectic in its tone colourings and textures. it all sounds so materially disembodied, like all those soul samples are invoked in such a way that it's almost like, this is what we've got, we're not going back. but like I'd rather listen to donuts any time to chill out than Harold Budd who is unspeakably dull - hmm, maybe I should give Lovely Thunder another chance again?

    That being said j dilla as this future jazz innovator was always laughable (risible even.) I've always been a half fan.
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