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Thread: what are you reading now?

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    "Focussing the mind on a task is call
    ed attention. It is a complex act,
    and in large measure it is a skill that can be practised and learned. Different
    kinds and powers of attention suit di
    fferent tasks; also, concurrent but
    separate continuities of attention will
    need to be kept running in separate
    channels, so that one train of reading and thought over a run of sessions will
    not blur across into another. With practice you will learn to adjust and keep
    control over attention, and maintain se
    veral distinct layers and channels at
    once. Here are a few initial suggestions. As you begin to read, size up the
    scale and genre of the work so that yo
    u are keyed into its tacit expectations,
    the kind of reader-involvement it looks for. You will often need to reconstruct
    this aspect historically, for a non-cont
    emporary work. Pay attention to the
    progressive disclosure of the work's structure and intentions. Observe the
    features of style that build up characteristic textures of language usage, idiom
    and figure and textual borrowing, an
    d observe the ways in which these
    features may also have their own internal development. Cultivate a close
    memory for specific turns of phrase, images, cadences and prosodic
    manoeuvres. But sometimes a prevailing idea may be implied only by
    multiple profiles and ambiguities, to the extent that no precisely clear view is
    ever offered; here we may have to hold on to shifting textures and nuance
    rather than simplifying reductively. "

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    'was reading a pamphlet on the gaping void for kicks'

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    Rereading henry iv 1 partly cos i like it partly to shame Corpsey

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