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Thread: what are you reading now?

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    taking an unscheduled break from literature atm as I managed to pick up and get enthralled by michael lewis's 'the undoing project'

    has me thinking about the effect of cognitive biases on musical taste, e.g...

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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdform View Post
    im reading heart of darkness cos another guy i rate, mohsin hamid namechecked marlow n kurtz in one of his books.

    how this gain classic status this is unbelievably tortured and orientalist/antiblack to boot. i almost want to read a wikipedia page just to find out what happens at the end but i like to feign the appearance of a cultivated gentleman.

    tayeb salih's season of migration to the north is 100x better.
    Conrad certainly portrays the black natives as irredeemably savage and unknowable, but it's the barbarity of the Belgian colonials that most actually horrifies him. References to their attempts to 'civilize' the natives through beatings and forced labour are always drenched in sarcasm. The racism is undeniable but Conrad is far from a cheerleader for imperialism and colonialism, in fact often quite the opposite.

    Coincidentally I started Said's Culture and Imperialism the other day - only 30-odd pages in so far but Conrad has perhaps unsurprisingly cropped up a couple of times already.
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