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Thread: what are you reading now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyL View Post
    That is some impressive reading John. That looks like the list of a man with a commute. What do you make of Bolo Bolo at this remove from its writing? I read that in the 90s and I think recently got read of my copy, when I sadly realised they weren't going to come into existence very soon.
    Well it's 15 minutes on the train in the morning but I do also use books as a way of getting away from screens in the evenings/weekends...

    I really liked Bolo Bolo - it's kinda timeless in the way that utopian writing can be. The playfulness of it is very compelling and the lack of a rigid moralism is quite pragmatic.

    PM was a member of the autonomist marxist Midnight Notes collective and I have been reading a bunch of their stuff.

    He's implemented (some of) the ideas in Bolo Bolo in actual living spaces in Zurich with this: which I also like.

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    I'm on "the book of chocolate saints" by Jeet Thayil. I read Narcopolis, his first novel, which is really good, so thought I'd go in on the 2nd.

    Strong starter but I'm halfway now and losing interest a little. It's very reminiscent of Roberto Bolano, who i really like, sort of like Bolano but set in and amongst Indian people, rather than latin-american people. Thayil also started out as a poet and you can even tell he's read Bolano cos he blatantly copies some of the framing techniques from "Savage Detectives". And the general theme of lost poets and literary gossip is also very bolanoey.

    It's good but not sure it can sustain 500 pages cos stakes aren't getting high enough, although there's been a few eye-popping sections. I keep thinking that if I was on holiday for two weeks it would be perfect.

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