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Thread: Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

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    Quote Originally Posted by sufi View Post
    the grubby dystopia had been done endlessly, though perhaps less well, in countless other movies.
    e.g. Alien

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    According to the infallible Wikipedia, the look of Blade Runner was inspired in part by the Moebius illustrated 'Metal Huralnt' comic series:

    Sure you could do a whole thread on the influence of Blade Runner on jungle/DNB alone.

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    Yeah, visually (and sonically) Blade Runner is about as close to perfection as a movie gets, I think. Having Sean Young and Harrison Ford in the lead roles doesn't hurt, of course, on this front. I don't know if 'hardly any plot' is really fair - it's more that the plot is pretty straightforward (an enforcer of some kind on a mission to round up/kill a band of miscreants one by one - done a hundred times over in Westerns/cop films, of course) - and kind of secondary to the aesthetics and action.

    I'll be interested to see what they've done with the sequel, coming out later this year.

    We could probably have a whole thread about big-budget sci-fi films from, what, the late '70s up to the early '90s? RoboCop, Total Recall, The Abyss, all of that. Bookended by Alien and Terminator II, I guess (although luka would bitch because that timeframe excludes The Matrix, a.k.a. The Greatest Movie Of All Time). The period in which CGI started to come into its own, but before it totally took over.
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    great podcast on why Blade Runner is Francis Fukuyama's (author of The End of History and the Last Man) fave movie.

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