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    Is Australia a violent country IRL? It seems like it might be a bit like one of the Southern states in the US. A lot of rural backwater towns, poverty, illiteracy, crocodiles and Toady Rebecci smoking fags in the playing field at Erinsborough High.
    Apparently the murder rate is a bit lower than in the UK. Interesting that the Hounds of Love director chose the story because it was a way to make an impact on a limited budget and (in the main) a single location - maybe that's a major driver of the trend, talented directors from a relatively small film industry, but one with a good record of crossover to Hollywood, trying to get attention. It does seem that the country has an abnormal number of talented directors (and actors too?), but maybe I just see the good stuff.

    Wake in Fright is a good documentary account of Australia, of course.
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