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Thread: Is the failure of New Labour tilting Britain to the Left or Right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sufi View Post
    Labour Live is coming to a park near us,
    sounds likely to be shit and and a further humiliation for corbyn, probably will piss it down too, just to add to the shame

    might jump the fence anyhow as it's just around the corner, though they will probably be dragging locals in off the streets to try and fill the place up
    Skipped this ... possibly might not have been quite as crap as billed, but poor Jez, really, he was so much greater before momentum

    There was a street preacher in Wood Green at lunch time on about "oh he's returning, he'll redeem our sins etc" while the kids at the busstop are chanting "Ojeremycorbyn"

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    Quote Originally Posted by craner View Post
    And is this a futile, stupid question or not?

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    interesting that altho framed in terms of new labour this turns out to have been quite an international phenomenon

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