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    Sorry to have to re register to have the right of reply

    I would have replied in the other thread where I dissed out gutter but I was working and didn't get back to the puter til now only to find I couldn't...

    ...a decent timeframe to allow a response would have been nice. I unlike some have a real life and can't be expected to sit by the puter awaiting every response

    a warning before getting banned would have been courteous too...

    ...the point is I play tit for tat and if gutter hadn't singled me out and called me a shit stirring bastard then advertised his leaving I wouldn't have bothered

    Yeah I'm a poisonous bitch and I upsized the personal insults after being singled out, I generally do. The thing that pisses me off on forums is people who say, "right that's it I've had a gutsful and I'm leaving now". Fine, just leave, don't tell everyone and make a big song and dance about it, just do it...

    The whole exercise of gutter getting his card pulled has made him realise the danger in hanging your arse out in cyberspace too far cos it will get spanked and wearing your heart on your sleeve is not a clever look when dealing with anonymous strangers/readers. He needed something to make him stand back and take an objective look at what the consequences of living ones personal life on line can have on not only yourself but your family and friends as well...

    ...It didn't kill him and it made him stronger.

    Ban me if you must, and the rest of the dickriders can just read my lips...

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    You have some front asking Woebot to be "courteous" after your behaviour on that thread.

    Your self-righteousness about the Gutterbreakz mp3/shutdown episode, which to my knowledge was nothing to do with you, is astounding.

    I can't believe I'm wasting one of today's 4 medically-allotted 15 minute keyboard sessions on this, but there it is.

    You've had your right of reply so I'm locking the thread until the other mods have had a chance to see it, and discussed your re-registration. I can't see leaving this open for further discussion will go anywhere good.
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    thanks very much jon.

    dubmugga/hell_sd you've been banned for a month.and why the hell should I have to write a polite email to someone who has behaved so twattishly?

    i thought you were insanely rude to nick and continue to be...bury it....

    mms points were entirely correct, you kicked nick when he was down and MOST IMPORTANTLY you lowered the tone to the absolute gutter. this is a civil forum which i run out of my own energy and cost. your behaviour was just a disgrace, not what i want to happen in this forum.

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