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    Is anyone here on Facebook? What do you think of it in comparison to Myspace etc?

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    Some more info:

    Where I am in Oxford in the UK it seems that everyone is switching over to using Facebook rather than Myspace as their social networking tool of choice. It seems to be attracting a broader range of people using it and many people who haven't got Myspace pages.

    The attractions seem to be that you don't have any coding to do to personalise your page - its all very simple and much less customisable. It doesn't have any page viewing figures or 'top friends' which eliminates any kind of heirarchy or bitchyness. It also has a (recently added I think) news-feed feature which updates you (upon logging in) on any changes to your friends' profiles such as new photos/comments/new friends etc. This is the most distinguishing feature in comparison to other social networking sites and allows you to really keep up-to-date with what is happening amongst people you know. You can also alter preferences on this feed to allow you to see information about specific people or subjects more or less. There are also additional features which look for useful for promoting events such as the ability to set up groups which people can join and keep updated with news or use group specific discussion boards etc.

    Most importantly it is equally as addictive as Myspace after a few days of use and has actually had the effect of Myspace suddenly seeming a little bit oldskool. If you haven't been on it yet I'd really recommend you at least having a go for an explore as its really taking off here.

    ..and no I don't work for them! Would be interested to hear any other people views still.
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    use the myspace for the music

    facebook for the personal

    much better that way.

    as the guy above said, the news feed of facebook is really handy, and its generally a very useful for keeping in touch with people who you don't see much of.

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    is it a facebook faux pas to use something other than your 'real' name? i've been convinced to sign up but i've gone with a different moniker.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJL View Post
    Is anyone here on Facebook? What do you think of it in comparison to Myspace etc?
    LOL...only three commenters (but one is now famous...)!

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