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Thread: Dizzee Rascal- Maths and English

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    It's kind of embarrassing to watch Dizzee constantly force himself to fit into rap these days. Growing up and being a teen, I'd always get frustrated that when it was his big chance amongst rappers, he never went full-throttle but defaulted to that "MY NAME IS DIZZEE-DIZ, I HANDLE MY BIZ..." old-school flow. Obviously as Danny Brown's continued homages to Dizzee proved, it's him in his element that really wins fans over.

    The new songs are deplorable. He just doesn't fit in, and it's laughable how he tries to think he can fit in the American rap climate just because the pacing in flows have gotten closer to what's easy for him. Now he sounds so flat and rigid.

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    really want to like the new album, and i think i will listen to everything he makes, cos im a fan of dizzee, but theres something just a bit flat about the new album, even though his rapping is technically great. its like hes become more and more hip hop based since hes been making music, and its meant his music when not 100% chart-focused is to me at least, strangely dull. i dont totally get it. its someone putting a lot of energy into something, not even sounding like hes trying hard, its just that hes become a bit... boring. theres something a bit funkless about his beats now too. kind of leaden. like rap for D&B fans. still better than anything kano makes these days anyway.
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