by Julien Temple

it's actually quite good. a bit corny in places. the campfire motif was nice but occasionally corny (those people under the brooklyn bridge, had a bit of a groan there, they looked like twats)

really liked the way people's names weren't listed

great black and white footage from the first LP by temple back in the day.

HATED bono. god i really thought his portentous overbearing nature had a very bright light shone on it in the context.

couldn't care less about the mescaleros, but it was nice to see the walker soundtrack and permanent record mentioned.

nothing about rock against the rich (eek)

as i very often mention joe used to say hi to me in and around the portobello (c1989) when i was a screwed-up litle thing. he was always dead sweet, very tender. a certain bit of the film (they remark that he was very depressed) really reminded me of him, and i suppose inevitably (groan) where my head used to be at.

did anyone else bump into him?


also strange how for a while acid house made a story like his kinda redundant for a period.