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Thread: Stewart Home vs Tony Wakefield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slothrop View Post
    Actually, yes, I think I was conflating this situation with the occasional arguments in avant-classical circles over whether (say) total serialism is an instrument of fascism or whether it's the only valid form of resistance to fascism. Even there people can start to get a bit close to actual racism (generally via a distaste for modern popular music and its 'blackness'), but the fascist / racist element in neofolk / gothic / occultism is much more explicit, even if it is confined to a fairly niche subculture...

    And I guess there's a connection here to Wyndham Lewis, Ezra Pound, and reactionary modernism in general?
    I thought the nazis had official swing bands?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thirdform View Post
    I thought the nazis had official swing bands?
    The BUF did, but they must have been pretty shite.

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