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Thread: Grime Top Tens

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    He does spit with an american accent now though. He didn't on Axiom but he tried to come back on a rap thing quite recently and sounded like a shit Styles P

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    Not flow, I should have said accent. Even on Axiom there's tracks where he sounds a bit American- can't remember which ones they were. I think he was London sounding on Switching Songs and the Coki track but the transatlantic twang whiffed a bit too much when he gets breathless.

    Axiom & Burial LP were a case of musicians doing something a bit (maybe very) different for the style of the time, the media and the buying public picked up on this and hyped it up more than it was worth. It's like they wanted something so bad they convinced themselves they liked it more than they really did. I'm sure a dozen people said the same thing on the is Burial Dated Thread, and I suspect the Grimeforum lot would echo my thoughts on Axiom.

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    not heard it in a while but i cant imagine axiom dating that badly. burial's first lp hasnt really dated either for me, its more just that everything hes done since has been a kind of rehash of the first one. weird to see the two linked though - burial was massively lauded, sure, but axiom? it always seemed like a hardcore grime fan's dream album but not likely to do much for anyone outside the scene. sure, you had some stuff on factmag about it but i think it passed well under the wider radar.

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    my own personal, highly subjective top tens (cant be bothered to see if i already did one but im picking favourites as opposed to who i think was the 'best') -

    doogz (early doogz though, pre-axiom)
    wiley (pre-2004 wiley, i was sort of obsessed for a while with old PAYG era wiley and gods gift)
    kano (again, pre- and including up to his first album really)
    discarda/syer b/dogzilla - i cant pick between them but i love how OTT they get
    tempa t
    roachie (just for all day long)

    producers -

    terror danjah
    platinum 45 (weirdly underrated imo)
    footsie (went off him around 2009-ish i think - his beats started to be more about hi-end production values than energy)

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    Fuck it, I'm a glutton for punishment.

    1) Wiley
    2) Trim
    3) Dizzee
    4) Castro
    5) Tempa T
    6) JME
    7) Bruza
    8) Shizzle
    9) Hyper
    10) K. Dot

    1) Wiley
    2) Dizzee
    3) Skepta
    4) Wonder (Up until the one song with the guitar and most of the stuff on the LP.)
    5) Davinche
    6) Rapid
    7) Terror Danjah
    8) (EARLY) Lewi White
    9) Waifer
    10) DVA (Before the Scratcha Era)
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    Ah found this thread accidentally

    Didn't need my best grime beats ever thread

    I am tempted to do this for rap but since the original post points out ego trip have already done that...

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