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Thread: Another grime DVD, Another thread (Crazy Times DVD and mixtape)

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    Default Another grime DVD, Another thread (Crazy Times DVD and mixtape)

    Now I thought this might be a Grime DVD too far for me.... and I did deliberate on paying the £17 that Rhythm Division were charging, but….having watched/heard it all now I would say this is best DVD on the road in terms of how revealing/occasionally bleak it is.

    The pitch is you get to roll with Crazy Titch throughout 2004. You see him in Aiya Napa, where he gets his crew thrown off the plane on the return journey and pushes them to the limit by filming their resulting screwfaces. You get to see him on the Westwood show doing his reply to Dizzee, and then on various (often badly filmed) guest spots at Ministry at clubs in Bedford and Milton Keynes. Then with Boyz in da Hood (incl Durty Goodz) on a Rinse FM show – a strangely low key affair, a change from the usual boy-ed up shows that you tend to see on film (probably more akin to yer average show) – the location also looks bizarre, like an insurance clerk’s office. The best bits are where you see him in his manor – in the car , at the barbers and taking you around his (mum’s) house. He shows off (and feeds) his dog and his loud hailer used (from his upstairs bedroom) to warn off drivers who take their parking space. He took us through the list of his criminal convictions and then his DVD collection - he was more embarrassed when the filmer spotted Dizzee’s ‘fix up look sharp’ video than when they asked him to explain why he had ‘Bean’ (“Mr Bean’s funny innit”). It’s won’t win any prizes for professionalism - most of it cuts like a bad home movie…but there’s something upfront and honest about it - I suppose like Titch himself, it’s not very calculating. He’s not really thinking too hard about how it will look or how he’s gonna be perceived….because of that, you get to see a lot more.

    The mixtape is a bit weak (lots of Kidz in da Hood mcs) though it has the ‘arsehole’ diss track and one or two other decent ones.

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    sounds like the closest thing (in grime...) to spinal tap yet - and that's no bad ting!

    will have to check it out.

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