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Thread: The belated R Kelly thread...

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    all i was trying to say is that seeing the artist as mad or depraved kind of lets the underworld mechanics of the industry off. the criminals in pop music actually understand peoples desires and political sentiments more than underground music fans.

    That's the way to analyse it imo, not so much spiritual militancy vs materialism. the fact is underground music fandom is self-isolating to achieve that spirituality. but probably good to let this thread die off.

    Basically, celebrating sexuality in pop music is a dead end and is less morally sufficient than enjoying it as pop music. once you believe the pop ethos you've been dooped. thhis is why i don't understand poptimism really, it's like yay patriarchal bourgeoisie hello we love you.

    Not that i side with rockism in this debate, but... im gonna quote this post in the thread concerning this and hopefully it will die off. now to find the thread...
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