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Thread: Dead music legends: Ronnie Drew (Dubliners), Jerry Wexler,

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    Default Dead music legends: Ronnie Drew (Dubliners), Jerry Wexler,

    Too many music legends dying off this week to have a new thread for all of them so can I just mention:

    Ronnie Drew of The Dubliners

    Isaac Hayes (I know he's had a thread)

    and Jerry Wexler

    None of these in the centre of the Dissensus playlist maybe, but note that Wexler, when asked what he would words like to have on his tombstone, said 'more bass'.

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    great line from rob sheffield's rolling stone article about grant hart: "High school would have been so different if I'd known Hüsker Dü were gay and Depeche Mode weren't."

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