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    This is great, totally beyond parody, if it was in American Psycho I would think he'd gone too far

    “I am getting new commissions from people who want to mark these times,” she said last week.
    “One wants all the cuttings about the collapse of Lehman Brothers imposed on a picture of a naked model. I can’t possibly mention names but he is a rival banker.

    It reminds me of the scene in Salon Kitty where the guy makes a naked prostitute sit in front of a wall on to which he projects images of Hitler giving a speech while his soldiers march up and down.

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    That is actually quite brilliant, well spotted!

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    An uncle of mine works as a graphical editor (not sure that's his official title, but he basically does layout/page design type stuff) at the FT - I'll forward this to him if he hasn't heard about it already, I'm sure he'd be chuffed to learn of the imaginative use his work is being put to by some people.
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