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Thread: The Eurocult Film Thread

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    This beautiful thing arrived in my post yesterday.

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    I'm going to start a whole new series on Italian films, from Hercules and Ossessione through to Cannibal Ferox and The Garden of Finzi Contini. It will get me back into writing and you will all love it.

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    what happned to the balzac essay? poor old balzac still waiting

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    That's been scheduled since 2014. An essay about 'Lost Illusions' that would also be an essay about the decay of writing, literature, books, criticism, magazines, etc. called 'The Writing Racket'

    I need to get into writing again before I do that.

    Small steps.

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    RIP Stelvio Cipriani, one of the great Italian soundtrack composers. This from the wonderful giallo Death Walks on High Heels.

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