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    Quote Originally Posted by Corpsey View Post

    Never really got how it would work in a nightclub. Do you just pogo to it or something?
    On 1 of only 2 clubbing trips to ldn i ever made i witnessed hipsters doing the most toecurlingly embarrassing attempts at footwork imaginable. Was supposed to be rashads 1st uk appearance but he cancelled and had to endure these nightslugs muppets instead, what a letdown.

    Wasnt the dubstep guy who made footcrab on this thread in the early days too?

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    Default Ja Rush Pariah Vinyl

    Less than 24 hours to make this happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. snrub View Post

    i've been collecting juke & footwork mixtapes/tracks for ing about is easy to find but i wouldn't know... if so, apologies!
    Can't believe there was a guy on here called Mr Snrub and he didn't stay.

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