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Thread: Where should I go in Barcelona?

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    This trip is looking like it will be a proper fuck-cluster. Bad hair, kitsch architecture, banditry and syphilis. The only fun offered up: gawping at inane daubings and a measly band stand.

    Dissenus != Tripadvisor

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    wtf, right?

    i actually have friends on both side of the issue. one is an american-born (from spanish parents) guy who moved to barcelona 25+ years ago and married a catalan who is strongly behind independence. the other are an english couple and young son who moved there about five years ago and believe things were fine as is, almost like they see it as a brexit equivalent where all "sensible" people want to remain but certain catalan politicians and nationalists groups are pushing to leave.

    whatever happens, it's probably not going to be pretty.
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    put luka in charge of it imo

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