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Thread: The British Liberal Democrats

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    No, no, he acknowledged that in a speech a while back so the issue's done and dusted and if you bring it up you're not interested in social mobility, just perpetuating class war. Like people who complain about raising Inheritance Tax threshold to £1m.
    Was that the speech where he said he knew what a bad education would be like because he'd had such a good one? It's like saying you know what it's like to be poor because you are, in fact, rich. Hang on, it's not like that at all - it actually is that

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    Default The British Liberal Demo

    There is no doubt that a section of the British people are becoming extremely averse with the Islamic religion primarily due to the terrorism issue. However, it is a tiny minority adn no more than Islamic fundamentalists that want to bring about an Islamic state all over Europe.

    In this day and age I doubt very much that history from the first part of last century can be repeated in a democratic Europe. However, only god knows what will happen in the next 20-30 yrs. If it does happen very unlikely then it will usher in a new world war and destruction of mankind.

    Thats what I think anyways.

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    Lol, I dynamited these fuckers on Page 1!

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