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27-04-2005, 07:35 AM
just wondering what people use to cut songs out of mp3 mixes so they can put em in thier own mixes... i kno autonomicFTP said he did it for that mix that was up a while ago... i dont feel any shame cos i'm in the US at the moment so popping down to rythm division isnt really happening :(

i'm sposed to be playing some records on the weekend and i'd like to add some things which either dont exist as records or which i havent managed to find yet. maybe something from that riko dancehall set, something saskillah did with ruff squad, something d double.... i dunno yet
i could just note down the times at which things come in but thats gonna be messy

so what do people use to cut up existing mp3s ?(yeah ikno djing with mp3s in the first place is gonna sound shit but i dont have much choice and the PA will be clunky anyway)
prefer suggestions for linux but i'll use windows if i have to... tried to get audacity to work but the online tutorials seem to be for a totally different release :S

thanks for any advice on that...

p.s. hmmm maybe this is more up dissensus street - any suggestions for new stuff to play are welcome, its gonna be to a mostly queer/girl friendly grime-virgin audience some of whom will have seen dizzee+wonder the night before... :eek:
cheers m' dears

27-04-2005, 08:12 AM
just wondering what people use to cut songs out of mp3 mixes so they can put em in thier own mixes...
tried to get audacity to work but the online tutorials seem to be for a totally different release :S

audacity's dead easy; unless you're having problems installing it, just run it and all should be pretty straightforward - highlight and copy/paste - you can do simple things like fade in/out, add silence too.

the thing with audacity is that it decodes and re-encodes the mp3 (i think) so may cause loss of quality, although i think you can play around with the encoder settings (NB i don't really know how this works so anyone willing to correct me, go ahead!)

27-04-2005, 07:09 PM
yeah so my problem with audacity comes when i want to edit three minutes of riko out of that 70 minute bashment set... i try to open the mp3 in audacity and it tries to make up a 70 minute long uncompressed audio file... then (not suprisingly) it dies :o

maybe i need something that runs from the command line :eek:
so i can tell it roughly which parts to not bother decompressing at all then pass that smaller part for finer tuning in audacity
definitely editing 70 or 120 minutes of raw audio is not something i'd expect it to be able to cope with

28-04-2005, 09:01 PM
bear in mind i know f all about linux or tech generally, but this might be more appropriate?


also try http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/trove_list.php?form_cat=120 for others

sorry if these are obvious

28-04-2005, 11:56 PM
i do my mixing in ableton live which means i have to to convert the mp3 to aiff (or wav) before i can mix them. it's an extra step but it's not much of a bother. it also means that mp3 isn't being recompressed which is nice since the sound quality might be a little borderline already (although 160 kbps and up seem to work just fine as long as the original rip was done properly). unfortunately i have no clue about linux.

a couple of suggestions for a non-testosterone-centric somewhat bouncey, grimey dancefloor without going r'n'g:
jammin (go dj) and dj oddz (bump dis, champion remix, strung up vip) would be fun
hotflush stuff (eric h, etc. - you can buy high quality mp3s from djdownloand and karmadownload)

feel free to drop in stuff from here (http://www.rhizomatic.org/blog/audio/thisoneiscomputerised.mp3) - i tried to make it dancefloor friendly ;)

29-04-2005, 12:04 AM
dude! source forge should've been my first port of call.... dissensus is abit more sociable tho

thanks for the pointers. not obvious at all... or no problem if they should have been cos i never heard of them...

in the end i got GLAME to work, the settings for decrypting and encrypting were relatively straight forward cos i already use LAME to encode my cd rips... its got the same sort of interface as audacity but it seemed to be quicker and more at home with handling mp3s

thanks for the help,
i'm kno fuck all bout *nix as well, i do love that feeling when you somehow get something to work gracefully in linux and you feel like an expert (for a few minutes)

simon silverdollar
29-04-2005, 11:32 AM
h-crimm: are you my friend steve?

simon silverdollar
29-04-2005, 11:33 AM
oh, fuck, of course you are: h-crimm = homocrime.

how stupid of me. should have realised earlier.

hi steve!

[this will be really embaressing if yr not steve]

29-04-2005, 04:01 PM
I use a program called 'mp3 splitter/joiner' from Boilsoft to chop stuff out of mixes to put up on my blog. You can get a trial version of it from www.boilsoft.com

Stuff to play:
I'd go mostly with instrumentals...is a gay audience really going to want to hear all the gunman/gash talk? Oddz, Plasticman, Eastwood, Wiley, some of Davinche's stuff, Dexplicit, Sticky, Terror Danjah.

Vocal stuff that's worth dropping. Hmm. JME 'Serious', maybe?

30-04-2005, 01:34 AM
hey simon

i was suprised you didnt work it out when i busted your yatt for being practically best friends with lene lovich (hi liv... sorry... the yatt word is too tempting...)

pearsal: i dunno bout going for only instrumentals... theres plenty of great non testosterone vocals or vocals you can get into from a non aggro angle.
its not gonna be a G.A.Y. audience, i dont have to trick em into thinking its house or anything :)
if they can get down to the fake terror musings of M.I.A. (and i kno they can) then i'm sure they can go for the fake gun/gash chat of ...whoever
bruzas not at the top of my list, but dee double, riko, essentials, kano, demon... might get played... for me its definitely always been about the vocals with the instrumentals.

anyway if i like it its pretty rude of me to be all "ordinary gays wouldnt understand this"

stuff that definitley in:

someone over gype riddim ...
sticky+stush (an oldie but a goodie)
jonathon ii off that biale comp
kano - i hate boyfriends/boys luv girls
... i need some good vocal versions of my favourite ruff squad ones really... XTC - function on da low (doesnt sound like the futureheads what you on about! ;) )
i might play that fury/demon track - gash... despite the title, tho i'm sure she's more strident somewhere else....
riko off creeper vol 1?? how can the gyalem fail to rush me?

i never pay for software... its basically immoral to do so :) maybe .... its interesting how opensource/GNU can be compared to music intellectual property. and how the cross polination is going totally the wrong way (US intellectual property recognises stuff like onine shopping carts, scroll bars, and the 'one click shopping' experience)

definitely advise you to check out linux if you havent, you get a real warm feeling inside when it boots up
not only that but its not the piece of crap it was even a few years ago
distributions like ubuntu, suse and fedora with pretty minimal tweaking do basically all the things windows can fuck up out of the box
you hav to kno what to tweak...

i actually worked out a couple of programs i already have which can cope with those bigger files
they were all for free as well

i might just play autonomic's mix and stand behind the booth pretending to dj :D
it been getting me thru abit of time at work