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    Deep Time Deep Space - 90s techno mix

    Hi everyone, A mix of mostly 90s detroit-inspired techno - sort of thing Colin Dale used to play on his Kiss FM show. Listen and enjoy :). "][/URL] Tracklisting Jeff Mills – Keeping Of The Kept Syphon – Snowtr_ck Life – Now Darkstar – Afropean Shake – Frictional Beat No.4 The Memory...
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    80's House & Techno

    Model 500 - No UFOs Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Hold Me
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    Racists and rock festivals

    Thats an absolutely bizarre statement, even by John Lydon's standards.
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    favourite headline ever

    A good sports one from the Guardian: Fake Sven Fools Mexicans. A statement said (the imposter) 'has carried himself with a total lack of respect.' No wonder he was so convincing.
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    Origins of Goth

    A friend of mine used to be a goth, she once went to a big fetish goth night at electrowerkz and got slapped quite hard by a woman dressed as a nazi for smiling too much.
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    Worst Film You've Ever Seen

    For me, Lost In Translation goes in the catagory of 'Films you saw on a date and subsequently got laid party as a result of, and therefore probably remember more fondly than you otherwise would'. I didn't think it was too bad, but my mind was elsewhere... Magnolia has got some really...
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    Narcossist - he's just gone next level

    Bit too tasteful for me.
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    black roots - white fruits

    It's just occured to me that the title of the interview unintentionally refers to the popularity of early house music on the UK gay scene.
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    black roots - white fruits

    I noticed how he talked about 'certain non-black producers' in the positive comments right at the end. I interpreted that as a move to a more neutral term from someone for whom the word 'white' is always a natural insult. But it could also be about excluding latino people from the black...
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    black roots - white fruits

    Apart from the 'no business being at' line, it comes over as being more paranoid than racist. It would make more sense if there were pop producers racing up the charts with thinly disguised knock offs of Theo's sound, but the last time I looked there weren't...
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    Worst Film You've Ever Seen

    Requiem For A Dream is the only film I've ever walked out of a cinema in disgust at. Horrible, cynical emotional porn that thinks it's deep. If Nomadologist ever made a film, it would be Requiem For A Dream.
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    I watched Wall E last night and it rocked unbelievably. Massively recommended. The robot character is so appealing - they manage to get this real loneliness and emotional dislocation into him. Especially the first 20 minutes when he's all on his own pottering about. The second half of the film...
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    Making big prints from classic music photos

    I've just moved into my new studio space and I want some A1 blow up photos of my favorite boffins so they can watch over my twiddling like some quasi-catholic iconogrophy kind of thing. Specifically this pic: ... and this one. Anything I scan or take from the net will look shite when...
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    The Wire is over - discussion, spoilers inside

    I still need to see s4 and s5. Amusing scenes at a party I went to recently, where someone said 'I've got it all on torrent, obviously, but I think I'm still gonna buy the boxset... out of respect." Sage nodding and agreement all round. The Wire... too good to steal. I've started watching the...