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    bassline house

    :slanted: ... not going to get into definitions n stuff with you right now. but grimier "4x4" has been in circulation here on the east coast for quite a few years bro.. the actual proper bassline stuff i been playing gets only mild reactions when not mixed in heavily with all types of...
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    NYC - Todd 'the god' Edwards at F!T v.2 - Aug 16th

    ...just around the corner now.. i wanted to mention also that the main man will be doing a special 2 hour set inside for the massive..
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    NYC this Friday come Get Rowdy!

    droppin fresh choony-choons for this.. ...dusting off the old schkewl for next week.. :brap: -!anJmz
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    NYC, pure fire w/ Cx Kidtronik, Aug 7th

    NiceWon mate.. :standard: -!
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    bassline house

    hahaha i was just gonna rez this thread the other day on behalf of teh F!T launch.. beat me to it you lot have... in terms of 'female vocal cheese', well this is where i must to beg to differ.. (realizing im the exception, and not the rule) the proper cheese has been where it's at...
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    F!T - Unit.One Presents: our NewYork monthly event.

    full dubstepper crew should not sleep on this one.. special set by the Jason Mundo(known to throw down that exclusive dubplate pressure) some proper old school ukg will be spun from what i hear as well.. ... and this is only 'our official New York launch' for the first of so many wicked...
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    NYC - Todd 'the god' Edwards at F!T v.2 - Aug 16th

    OMG! ... and this is the teaser flyer as well!. apparently, them Unit.One boys dont be fuckin around.. :watcha:
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    Pure Fire presents Scottie B, NYC, 7/3

    big it up mate.. -!an
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    F!T - Unit.One Presents: our NewYork monthly event.

    o, and check the Unit.One homepage/blog-piece for all the details on F!T V.2 as well ! -scheduled for 08.23.08 .. venue/lineup tba... :guns-out: -!an
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    pure fire NYC thurs 6/5 w/ Kid Kameleon and Ripley

    ... nice one each and every time mate. :brap: -!an
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    F!T - Unit.One Presents: our NewYork monthly event.

    ... a while back i said: "watch out for" etcetc? well this is set to be the mutha-fucka right here! and the genre friendly tag translation: every godamn bit of the most selective UKGarage; stones unturned, -zero... ...time to get pukka.. get F!T.
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    bassline house

    no probs mate.. and good luck finding that one, cause i think you will be hard pressed.. i was properly on the look for it a while back. prolly was very limited press. but such bangers those mixes are though, ya!
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    bassline house

    ...without hearing exactly which mix you are on about.. i believe you are talking about the 'Pyro+GTE' mix(s) of this tune?? if not, put the sample up, and i will try again... cheers, -ian
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    Keith P presents Bass Music 2

    *makes gunfinger gesture*