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    Is ILM completely fucked?

    Go here for the interim version of ILM, until their new server is set up next week: Clicking the link in the pink box at the top of that page will bring you to an explanation / update.
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    What's the wierdest fiction book you've ever read?

    I thought The Atrocity Exhibition was pretty weird.
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    What's the wierdest fiction book you've ever read?

    How about Kenji Siratori?
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    What's the wierdest fiction book you've ever read?

    Ferdydurke, Witold Gombrowicz. An adult man is inexplicably forced to live as a teenage boy. Utterly demented, venomous, and hilarious absurdist satire of modern (that is, mid-20th century) European culture. First published in Poland in 1937; banned by the Nazis and the Soviets, un-banned in...
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    Niceness is evil, or why Dissensus is shit

    k-punk, the hostile personal emotional tone of this sort of thing makes me not want to post on this board or even read it that closely. It's not intimidating in any productive sense, just repellent. Maybe you all should make the Dissensus registration process much more selective than it is...
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    David Lynch Thread

    The jagged pattern of the Red Room's floor in Fire Walk With Me is for me one of the most profoundly unpleasant and upsetting images in film. Such a powerful reaction to a relatively minor detail seems odd even to me, but there it is -- a prime example of Lynch's visual genius AFAIC. The...
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    gang of four

    i for one welcome our new insect overlords </simpsons> Well I do too, but I also find it so symptomatic and disturbing that I'm sort of morbidly fascinated as well. And how creepy is THIS? From the website of The Publishing Agency's brand-new incarnation, Story Worldwide: In the beginning...
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    gang of four

    Well done. I'm still, er...annoyed...about the reemergence as branded content of much of the material that originally appeared on entertainment!, but at least I know to quit holding my breath for a new album now.
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    Favourite, most UPLIFTING songs

    "Prayer to God," Shellac. Not long ago, hearing this for the first time in a long time lifted me, literally, physically, out of a months-long clinical depression. The effect was immediate: I SAT UP IN BED when it came on, then listened to it a dozen more times, smiling and writing. The next...
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    Gang of BORE (Sore, Snore, Whore etc..)

    Wow, dunno about N*E*R*D, but I finally remembered who else in rock music has done it: the Mekons! in 2004! with Punk Rock! and I actually liked it! probably because I hadn't already cathected the hell out of the original versions! probably also because it didn't suck on its own merits!
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    Gang of BORE (Sore, Snore, Whore etc..)

    I'm tempted to swear that this is my last post on this supremely-vexing-to-me subject, but experience has taught that making such a pronouncement is the surest way to suddenly find a lot more of VAST IMPORT to say on a given topic, so whatever. ANYway, I just ran across a piece that seems to...
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    either/or versus plus/and

    Interesting! Isn't the marking-off of such an axis, or pair of axes, itself a deeply Either/Or-ish sort of thing to do? I mean the evidence is there, certainly, but still. Think I'm very much an Either/Or person, with probably (okay, definitely) a lot less of the flexibility/openness of...
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    what does your girl listen to?

    I haven't got a girl. :p My most recent boyfriend was obsessed with No Wave -- No New York was his Holy Grail. He also dug Blondie, early Madonna, and everything Lydia Lunch has ever done. His single favourite song was probably Delta 5's "Mind Your Own Business." The one before that...
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    Gang of BORE (Sore, Snore, Whore etc..)

    Very bad indeed. See above. Going into detail about the sonic shittiness of the thing as I perceive it would just be upsetting and, finally, boring, and believe it or not I am not actually out to ruin everybody else's potential or actual enjoyment of nu-Gang of Four, only to come to terms with...
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    Gang of BORE (Sore, Snore, Whore etc..)

    Oh all right. You had it in quotation marks, though, and I just was incapable of letting it slide. :) My point remains, though -- G04's canniness/opportunism now extends to recycling their own best work, and not in a way that I personally find interesting, enjoyable, or justifiable no...