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    Trstam Cary RIP

    what a bummer i just saw a doco with this guy in it the other month, little half an hour thing that was on telly
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    burial dj kicks mix

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    late 90s tech-step

    there's fierce's no u turn mix from 99 (or somethin) which is pretty easy to find, has most of the biggest tunes from trace/ed/nico
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    When did Australians become hated?

    funny stuff, although i once had a brit tell me AC/DC are from America
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    kode 9 sonar mix

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    what to do about cassettes?

    about a year or so ago i remember some people asking for tapes to send to a radio station in papua new guinea , i never got around to it sadly...
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    ok did i just see joe nice crying on tv?

    i'm willing to bet not
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    DUBSTEP- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    did you transcribe that?
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    Closure of the rolling Genre threads.

    'Bout time - those long arse threads shit me, not nearly as much as long arse posts but ...
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    Blackdown On Woebot

    "The more he talks about dubstep, the less he seems to know or actually have witness himself, rather than having read about it online and reacted angrily." in more general terms, this is a common complaint about bloggers...
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    The (white) rapper show

    Has anyone else seen this? I seen about the first four episodes, it is sometimes very painful to watch, other times it is simply embarrassing to watch. How about this John Brown bloke and his “ghetto revival” is he serious? Or his he an underground comedian or some sort? I’d like to hear if...
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    Now that's what I call a record collection vol 1

    imagine being asked to help move house