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    Bring me in cuz
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    There's amapiano thoughts in the afrohouse thread but ye every time I think proper amas (not pitched up) boring I hear a thudding, bone shaking bassline that tells me otherwise. It's influence on afrobeats is inarguable at this point as well. Actual South Africans are fucking annoying though.
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    when it comes to skanking, washed african dads >> the gays >> everyone else >> white ppl at FOLD my girl wants to move ghana so shes been shoving this music down my throat for a year. was heckling all through out winter but surprise surprise the suns out and and its starting to fucking slap.
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    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    Absolute howler this
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    How does PITCHFORK work?

    most of the guys with character in their writing on pitchfork are the seasoned pros from the blogging years who graduated to spin (kearse, larrson, cohen) or plucky upstarts who dgaf about criticism/journalism/pfork-lore like that anyway (alphonse, callendar, sundaresan). passionweiss for me...
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    White boy vibes done right
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    James Brown terrorising drummers and George Clinton holding out money or paying in drugs to keep bandmates hungry and earnest.
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    Word lol? So basically Goldie is the jungle DJ Khaled, smashed it tbh.
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    Same, at the same time I guess he's got the ruffige cru stuff to show what he's capable of on his own? But hat quote from his book about Duke Ellington and Captain Beefheart (lol) being great conductors and using other talented people as conduits is pretty on point. Third was saying the same...
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    No Club Scene for Old Men

    Plague raves over here had all the young people's favourite DJs tbf, waff, michael bibi, solardo.. all those tech house guys RA, fact etc love to be snooty about. Mixmag embraces them because young people have money to spend on raving and buying music magazines, and because it'd be stupid to act...
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    Recommended mixes and playlists

    massive ravey breakbeat tech house
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    do kemistry and storm get unfairly written out of metalheadz label lore (outside introducing goldie to the music) or is it really goldies project where he did the lionshare of a&r etc? @thirdform