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    the most youve paid for a gig?

    £50 .. Dolly Parton .. Tip top
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    Carl Craigs recent music

    Meant to say, 1994 was the year Chicago came back too. Beat that bitch with a bat etc. 1993(?) Altered states reissued on Djax up beats. Bigggg..
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    Carl Craigs recent music

    "Basic Channel was like a concerted, slightly self conscious effort to move the sound in a certain direction by a big producer, like what Mills/Hood were doing. Mauritzio had made and engineered loads of techno records prior to doing BC. It took a while for the BC influence to percolate into...
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    Favourite (official) Kraftwerk Studio Album

    the early years
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    the concept of "cheesy"

    is 'cheesy' a subjective response to what one sees as cliched and formulaic? (for me, wobblestep) but sometimes a perfectly executed cliched and formulaic records sounds magnificent (jakatta american beauty) cheesy- SAW, camp-pet shop boys or is this too simplistic ? bobby O in the...
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    Reynolds on planet-mu

    Maybe the tory government that the uk will get (probably) at the next election, will be the first 'rave generation' administration. Deadly Dave supposedly tried to tone down the major era anti rave legislation as samantha was on one:) at the weekends, and tried to point out the damage it would...
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    1000 albums to hear before you die in The Guardian

    Is catpower not just a linda lusardi wank object for indie boys? (like carla bruni is for me ; why's her 1st album not in the list? and the wrong francois hardy album. should be soleil)
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    Ian Svenonius dj sets

    have read the book and seen (heard?) a dj set. played d n b with no mixing as though they (the make up) had just bought the records and never heard half speed bass before. chapter in the book on oasis amusing. girlfriend threw the book out didn't like the cover...
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    Eshun good on 'motor booty affair' in his book. Was listening to some italo mix (think it was the cosmic guy). Lots of the p.
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    Bootsy solo (sic) worth a listen. There's a cheap warner bros comp thats got most of the goodies I like the zillatron lp that (ughh) bill laswell released in the early 90's
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    Headphone Reviews

    Grado's great (if you can stand the styling). A liitle uncomfortable after a few hours. Sound for the price is unbeatable.
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    Headphone Reviews

    Just ordered some grado sr80s after much 'research' (lost an ancient pair of sens). Will review when i get them.
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    kelman - Fair do's and all that pish

    once spent half an hour next to the 'great writer' in a betting shop total mug punter on the dogs and the horses lots of face screwing as his selections invariably lost
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    Radio On/Chris Petit

    Have read the psalm killer well researched gory thriller set in NI lots of background detail on para military antics in early 70's Belfast waiting for passenger to come out in paperback
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    Tech-tard pt 2 - What home studio set-ups do you guys use?

    I like the sound of the mpc esp. for drums (though the sp sounds better). Though why one would spend nearly a thousand pounds on old technology is beyond me (see also analogue synths). Have a mac and a korg microkontrol. Would recomend getting decent audio editing software. I find single hit...