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    portable mp3/hard disk recorder

    I'd strongly recommend a Iriver H320 or H340, they don't make them any more but you may be able to get some old stock from ebay or something... its either that or something like this:
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    Johnny Dark

    Kin Yes KIN's Still going, Johnny's Currently working on some new vocal tracks with San Serac, formerly of Output recordings. We're all really excited about the new stuff, its in a similar style to the Can't Wait EP, but with more of a Pop focus if anything.. Some digital releases should be...
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    Misty's Big Adventure

    The whole thing feels a lot more like Brit Pop than anything else, but then the Kaiser Chiefs do as well.. I'm always very weary of anyone critising a whole "Age" it just smacks of laziness, if you don't like whats on the radio look elsewhere, there certainly isn't a lack of musical product...
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    Guns N Roses 2

    Liking it so far, there's even a couple of almost "heartbreak avenue" moments but F'in riddim is my favourite track so far..
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    Bizarre SP*M email titles and content

    I heard for a time spammers where grabing sections of novels to fool the spam bots that the body did make some kind of sense, I certainly got a few of those, but at the moment my spam looks a bit more like this: "somewhere in the world (and impress cocktail party guests) the patterns that real...
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    Children of Men

    great film, mainly because of the very convincing portrail of england falling appart and the great attention to detail... Didn't notice any dubstep though, but a fair amount of psychedelic stuff, king crimson etc..
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    Being a bit of a todd edwards worshipper, i'm very excited about this: Apparently JME, Skepta and Plasticman making some very old school sounding Garage.. the myspace site seems a bit dead, does anyone know any...
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    When Lordi roamed the Earth

    So after Bucks Fizz starting the era of crap dance routines on eurovision in the 80s, do you think next years contest will be full of euro metal acts, i kinda hope so..
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    Torrent trackers?

    for music -, for tv - - but its off course a bit uk centric... any one know a good torrent site for US tv shows, a lot of torrent sites seem very scared of hosting them..
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    Best find/ most regretted sale - loss

    ebay best find - an original copy of Club Ska '67 in mint condition in oxfam for 10p. lost - Drexciya - Bubble Metropolis EP, lent to someone i lost contact with.. But nowadays charity/junk shops seem to have a far better idea of the value of old vinyl than they used too, especiall oxfam. In...
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    would you ever vote conservative?

    testing A little personal plug, I've just finished working on some code for a psychological test that purports to get at your sub-conscious voting intentions, i.e do you like Cameron more than you though you did.. anyway, if you've got 15 minutes to spare click here...
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    The Ruddy Postal Service

    i was hoping you where gonna have a go at these: (are they really that popular?)
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    Silent Shout

    loving it too, its very disonant in places, yet very easy to listen too, "Like a Pen" is my favourite track, more pop than the rest ..
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    Bashful Vashti soundtracks T-Mobile Ad Shock Horror!

    singer song writer Shocking no doubt, but this could equal her being a huge cross over star, i wish! I'd love to see an english Folk FM radio take over, its got to be better than Jack Johnson, or who ever the next "singer song writer" is in line..
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    webmail recommendations please???

    i wish! suffixes are all good, but actually finding hosting off shore is pretty impossible/ extremely expensive, and unfortunatly is not as much of a copy-write black whole as i'd like it to be anyway.. ..