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    Just seen Mark's wife Zoe post on his facebook page that Mark had taken his own life after a recent, extended bout of depression. Mark succumbed to the demons that he had fought with his whole life. It seemed on the surface that he must have been past the worst of it, being a happy husband...
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    The Empowered Nerd.

    Late to the thread and not been right through, so sorry if this was posted before, but was just reading this article about Kevin Smith movies that overlaps some relevant territory from the dawn of the internet: Chasing Amy and the toxic “nerd masculinity” of the nineties...
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    Not posted here in a very long time. Sure for lots of people it is a logical place to return upon hearing the terrible and unexpected news,so glad to see the forum is still going strong and that this thread had been started. Im probably among quite a few members here in that I found K-Punk from...
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    Hi Zhao, can't PM you, say box is full. pls holla at me when you get a moment. Thnx again

    Hi Zhao, can't PM you, say box is full. pls holla at me when you get a moment. Thnx again
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    Hi Zhao, please check your PMs, thanks!

    Hi Zhao, please check your PMs, thanks!
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    Ancient Chinese Painting

    Does anyone pls know if this archive has a working link elsewhere, this one is now dead? Any help appreciated, thanks!
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    Reynolds, K-Punk, Kode 9 Panel at Stratford Circus 23 February 2012
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    The South London Black Music Archive @ Peckham Space
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    R.I.P. Altered Zones Duno how many here visited this site, but very sad to see it go after such a short life..
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    Music documentaries

    An early electronics doc about Fred Judd to go along with Alchemists of Sound and Synth Britania: Its on the 25th, sorry but only just found out myself.
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    R.I.P Clare Amory of Excepter - 1975 - 2011

    Clare Amory from Excepter sadly passed away. From bandmember Jon Nicholson: Excepter have had a great last couple of years, with some amazing videos (featuring Clare). Great Loss RIP. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390"...
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    Public broadcasting under threat in the US..

    Sorry if this is old to US readers. Hugely depressing to hear, but no surprise. At stake are hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding and the future of such popular programs as "Nova," "This American Life" and "Sesame Street."...
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    Rolling (though slowly, I'd imagine) Gaming Thread

    Play Pacman, Pinball and Pong with a paramecium
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    Rolling (though slowly, I'd imagine) Gaming Thread

    Know there are alot of Mac users on here, so this: currently on sale 70% off is highly recomended. Fascisty survival of the fittest biology disguised as an ambient game. Great fun for 5min blast here and there.
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    Article on the sound for the new Tron movie

    Saw this last night, that 'derezzed' tune really made me think of the 'Escape from New York' soundtrack, infact a few bits sounded like John Carpenter doing Vangelis. All fair critisisms above I'd say, but I just like all component parts, and I think them doing the soundtrack makes sense (both...