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    150 or so Private Eye back issues - anyone want

    Hi all Having a clear out and i've about 150 back Eyes, from the last 5 or 6 years, are these of interest to anyone? (London). Free obvs, otherwise I'll recycle. Thanks
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    what are you reading now?

    Fathers and Crows by William Vollmann, book 2 of his American history series, pretty great, meaty.
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    Is crazy d still a main guy in the scene?
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    Mr. Tea's Top 10 Badass Phenomena

    Two unclassifiable species found off Australian coast
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    what are you reading now?

    Well yes quite :p 1.5 million words.
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    what are you reading now?

    How about Proust? Is it worth gearing up for Remembrance of things past...i'm quite attracted to its epic length.
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    Cooking tips and wonderful flavour combinations

    A nice salad is a cauliflower, blanched in boiling water for 10 mins so half cooked, a tin or two of chickpeas, chopped preserved lemons with a tahini dressing with pom molasses and some sherry vinegar, olive oil. Tasty.
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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    This is a nice, sweetish stout. (Siren Brewery)
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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    Their Red Ale is very nice, but I found the honey beer a bit rank, that might be all honey beers though?
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    Nelson Mandela

    silly reactions on facebook
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    This may be topical
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    R. I. P. Lou Reed

    i swear he looks a bit like eddie izzard here
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    God imagine that descending on you...proper umbrella of death style horror film material
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    Top Ten numbers

    Some record labels miss 13 out of their sequences too i seem to recall
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    Peasant food

    Here's my submission - Lamb soup/stew with preserved lemons I sometimes make this and it does 10 portions! Freezes well and it's so chunky I just have a bowl for lunch without any bread. It's also a great mix of meat, veg, and carbs. 1 scrag (whole neck) cut into pieces (Turkish butchers good...