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    Bernard Herrmann

    Any idea if this is a Hermann arrangement @ 3:00 minutes in? God this has been driving me nuts the past few days...
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    goddamn man...thank you...
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    why is there no wikileaks thread?

    it is utterly bizarre that a bunch of tech nerds would practice redundancy in everything BUT their public persona (assange) way to put all eggs in a basket under an anvil
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    aw man i could never get into jimmy corrigan...i cant be the only one
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    the revolution will be televised

    Basiji getting their ass beat.
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    the revolution will be televised

    For a few seconds, radio here in ny broadcasted pure audio of street noise and chanting...reminded me of sclesi or xennaxis. I can imagine certain cable news producers telling people to put some b.s. stock music over the top to dilute. Actually, I'm now on the hunt for audio of massive crowds...
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    why is there no wikileaks thread?

    democracy now is the standard for marginal american political discourse. i really dont see the point in torturing this child, but i guess im old fashioned
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    cuts - preliminary skirmishes

    jesus just turned on beeb and the cutest cunt copper was on there
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    METAL! Discuss

    holy shit this a bit epic
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    still looking for a good rip of d1's veto...
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    Ken Nordine's Colors

    why do so many people care about nothingness when there is so little of it?
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    the shows been like that for a few years now to be fair
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    Books that make you laugh

    "I have good news and bad news. The good news is that there is life (of a kind) after death. The bad news is that MR X is a necrophiliac." Paraphrased from bolano. I have to say the new pynchon is killing me on my commute also. It reads exactly how a pynchon screenplay for a Big Lebowski...
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    via the autechre mix, kid eddy -- gescom rmx dub...utterly surprising.
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    what dbridge dubstep tracks are out? feeling dbridge / instramental / skream - acacia avenue. any suggestions?...big up martin for putting out sweetz though.